Spin Doctors

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Two Princes Love and Other Drugs
First song of the movie as Jamie (Jake Gyllenhaal) is selling electronic. He gets fired after sleeping with a staff member while working.
Two Princes Wanderlust
0:35 George plays this song on the guitar.
Two Princes
Little Miss Can't Be Wrong The Vampire Diaries
Season 6 : Episode 2 - Yellow Ledbetter
Two Princes Hindsight
Season 1 : Episode 1 - Pilot
Little Miss Can't Be Wrong Hindsight
Season 1 : Episode 3 - I Never
Two Princes Jeff, Who Lives at Home
0:21 Playing in the Porsche when Jeff and Pat crash the car into the tree.
That's the Way I Like It Space Jam
Song at the New York game.
Two Princes A Case Of You
0:21 Sam gets a guitar lesson, then heads to the book store to read up and learn Birdies interests.
Two Princes The To Do List
0:05 Second song as they drive off from school. Brandy goes through her to do list in the car.
Little Miss Can't Be Wrong The Best Of Me
When Dawson stands Amanda up for their date
Two Princes Mortdecai