David Sardy

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Green Hornet Theme The Green Hornet
1:49 After Cato drives up and fakes to shoot Britt in the shoulder.
I Am the Police End of Watch
My Evil Is Big End of Watch
Follow Me Into the House End of Watch
Heroes End of Watch
Hold the Baby / You Can't Live Without Her End of Watch
Take Care of Janet End of Watch
Minivan Tail End of Watch
Alley Escape End of Watch
Funeral End of Watch
This Is My Bike Premium Rush
Meat Manny Premium Rush
The Run Begins Premium Rush
Monday Chase Pt. 2 Premium Rush
Chinatown Auto Destruct Pt. 1 Premium Rush
Chinatown Auto Destruct Pt. 2 Premium Rush
Chinatown Auto Destruct Pt. 3 Premium Rush
The Police Station Premium Rush
Bike Cop Chase Premium Rush
Change the Delivery Premium Rush
Nima Pt. 1 & Pt. 2 Premium Rush
Following Nima Premium Rush
Choking Nima Premium Rush
The Picture Premium Rush
Chasing Manny Premium Rush
Central Park Chase Premium Rush
Exit the Park Premium Rush
Bag Grab Premium Rush
This Whole City Hates You Premium Rush
Vanessa Follows Truck Premium Rush
Nima Impound Premium Rush
Impound Creeping Premium Rush
To Chinatown Premium Rush
Rally the Troops Premium Rush
Monday Is Dead Premium Rush
Wilee Envelope Premium Rush
China End Premium Rush
Opening Zombieland
Cardio Zombieland
The Standoff Zombieland
Escalade Sting Zombieland
Hostess Truck Zombieland
406 Zombieland
Carpush Manwich Zombieland
Grocery Store Zombieland
Marriagable Zombieland
Girls Abandon Boys Zombieland
Smash the Van Zombieland
Walk 'n' Talk Zombieland
The Yellow Hummer Zombieland
Clown Dump Zombieland
H3lp Zombieland
Gas 'n' Gulp Zombieland
The Quiet Game Zombieland
Zombie Kill of the Week Zombieland
Zombie Kimosabe Zombieland
Searching the Murray House Zombieland
Zombie in the House Zombieland
Monopoly Zombieland
Pacific Playland, Pt. 1 Zombieland
Pacific Playland, Pt. 2 Zombieland
Columbus Alone Zombieland
Pacific Playland, Pt. 3 Zombieland
Pacific Playland, Pt. 4 Zombieland
Estasi Dell Anima Zombieland
Clown Zombieland
Rat Scare Zombieland
As Close As I'll Ever Get to Home Zombieland