Young MC

Featured in the following...

Bust A Move The Blind Side
1:05 Michael and SJ sing Bust a Move in the car.
Know How Whip It
Bust a Move The Perks of Being a Wallflower
0:36 Charlies song gets turned off for this song at the party.
Bust a Move 1 Pitch Perfect
0:05 Remixed into the previous song as Beca arrives at college.
Bust A Move Up In the Air
0:55 Young MC performing at the Alpha Tech Party
Bust A Move You, Me and Dupree
Right before the credits roll, Dupree is promoting his book "seven different kinds of smoke" and dancing around in the public along with
Bust A Move Dude, Where's My Car?
0:48 Song while they find out they bought/leased a Mercedes Benz and also party by the pool.
Bust A Move 17 Again
0:02 First song. The cheerleaders are performing before the basketball game. Mike starts dancing with them.
Bust A Move The Replacements
Bust a Move Grind
0:34 "It's Our Song, Dude! C'mon!"