Bella's Lullaby
Who Are They?
Humans Are Predators Too
The Lion Fell In Love With the Lamb
I Know What You Are
The Most Dangerous Predator
The Skin of a Killer
Phascination Phase
I Would Be the Meal
Bella Is Part of the Family
How I Would Die
Dinner With His Family
Stuck Here Like Mom
I Dreamt of Edward
In Place of Someone You Love
Showdown In the Ballet Studio
Edward At Her Bed
Bella's Lullaby
Dirt Clod Fight
Lost Fur
Lost Fur
Follow the Fires
Max Joins
When You Have a Problem
This Is Your World
Dirt Clod Fight
I'm Done
Carol's Dark Night
Lost Fur (Reprise)
We Love You So
The Wicked Flee
River Crossing
LaBoeuf Takes Leave
Little Blackie
Ride to Death
A Quarter Century
The Snake Pit
Father's Gun
Your Headstrong Ways
A Great Adventure
We Don't Need Him Do We?
The Hanging Man
A Methodist and a Son of a Bitch
A Turkey Shoot
Talking to Horses
Taken Hostage
One Against Four
I Will Carry You
Talk About Suffering
The Grave
Plus Que Ma Propre Vie
Twilight Overture
Renesmee's Lullaby / Something Terrible
Gathering In Snow
Aro's End
A World Bright and Buzzing
The Lamb Hunts the Lion
Meet Renesmee
Here Goes Nothing
Sparkles At Last
Catching Snowflakes
The Immortal Children
Merchant of Venice
Into the White
A Way With the World
The Amazon Arrives
A Yankee Vampire
Cloud Forest
We Will Fight
Shield Training
At Bedtime a Child Asks About Death
Decoding Alice
The Driving Question
Present Time
This Extraordinary Life
She Is Not Immortal
Reading Edward
Irina Loses Her Head
Aro's Oration
A Kick In the Head
Exacueret Nostri Dentes in Filia
Chasing Renesmee
A Crack In the Earth
That's Your Future
Such a Prize
Adaptation (Fat Boy Slim Remix)
The Evolution of the Screenwriter
The Writer and the Crazy White Man
An Unashamed Passion
The Evolution of Evolution
On Judgement, Human or Otherwise
Whittle the World Down
On the Similarity of Human and Orchid Forms (Instrumental)
The Screenwriter's Nightmare
Approaching the Object of Desire
Shinier Than Any Ant
The Slough Pit of Creation
Adaptation Versus Immutability
Effects of Sibling Pressure
Evasion and Escape
The Unexpressed Expressed
The Screenwriter's Nightmare (ZENO Remix)
To Protect His Blind Side
All Things Possible / Your Father
The Hang Of It
Summer Training
Thank Me Later
Part Of The Family
The First Game
Gridiron Machine
Inspired Play
Taming Lions
The Art Of Recruiting
The Light Brigade
Michael Graduates
It's Your Life
My Son Michael
Earth Zoom (In)
A Higher Patriotism
Linda Looks for Love (Part 1)
Night Running
Building the Chair
Plan B
Harry Looks for Love
Breaking and Entering
I Killed a Spook
Honey Nut Cheerios
Tuchman Marsh
Carrots / Shot
Linda Looks for Love (Part 2)
Who Are You?
How Is This Possible?
The Struggle for Ebullience
Earth Zoom (Out)
The Corruptor
Beneath the Streets
Lamp Store Shootout
Panty Raid
Ginza Shooting
The Old Man
Drug Raid
Death Drives Through Chinatown
He Takes the Hook
A Plum
Chen Betrayed
To the Ship
Human Cargo
Chen Shot
Funeral In Chinatown
Oud Happy
The Hoax
The Box
The Stairway
Millions Check
The Art Gallery
Never Heard of Him
A Bad Year for Howard
Medieval Waters
The Little Dead Boy
The Last Judgement
View from the Tower
My Suicide Your Homicide
Save the Next Boy
Ray At the Mirror
Walking Bruges
The Magic Frog
Harry Walks
Dressing for Death
The Kiss Walk Past
Thugs Passing In the Night
Shootout, Pt. 1
When He's Dead
Shootout, Pt. 2
I Didn't Want to Die
Cooked Patents
A New Worship
A Lance Without Target
St. Vitus' Dance
To Run or Not to Run
Modo Niger
Dark Watch
Guinevere Comes to Lancelot
Cheapside Promenade
Follow Your Feet
Love Reflects
The Showdown
St. Vitus' Dance
The Quaker
Billy's Diary
My Lai
All Gray and Shit
This Movie Ends My Way
Billy's Ending
It Might
Seven Psychopaths
Zach's Back
Love Death Birth
The Kingdom Where Nobody Dies
Cold Feet
What You See In the Mirror
Wedding Nightmare
Wolves On the Beach
A Nova Vida
The Threshold
Honeymoon In Eclipse
A Wolf Stands Up
Two Man Pack
Don't Choose That
O Negative
Hearing the Baby
Playing Wolves
Let's Start With Forever
It's Renesmee
The Venom
Hearts Failing
Jacob Imprints
You Kill Her You Kill Me
Bella Reborn
A History of Media
The Family
The Submission Platform
The Informer
Face to Face
The Veil of Secrecy
The Next Time
The Assassination of Oscar Kingara
Collateral Murder
Take the Fight to Them
Come Alone
The Return of Daniel
We Promise to Publish in Full
The Destruction of the Platform
History Will Judge
No One Will Be Able to Submit
A Fifth Estate