Carter Burwell

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Bella's Lullaby
1:11 Edward plays the piano for Bella
Who Are They?
0:08 Bella sees the Cullens for the first time
1:21 Baseball game is interrupted by appearance of the three nomadic vampires
Humans Are Predators Too
0:38 Edward saves Bella from four bastards
The Lion Fell In Love With the Lamb
0:55 Bella says she's afraid of losing Edward. They lie in the clearing
I Know What You Are
0:47 Bella surfs the Net and finds out that Edward is the vampire
The Most Dangerous Predator
0:52 Edward says that Bella is kind of drug for him and he wants her so bad
The Skin of a Killer
0:50 Bella has an explanation with Edward in the forest, he takes her up the mountain so that she can see him sparkling in the sunlight
Phascination Phase
0:19 Edward and Bella talk after the lab work and he tries to figure her out
1:02 Edward leaves quickly when he notices the Blacks
I Would Be the Meal
1:05 The Cullens smile when Bella suggests that "that will end badly" if she would become the meal. Then Alice and Jasper appear
Bella Is Part of the Family
1:28 Edward drives Bella to his place where the Cullens decide how to act further
0:33 Jacob tells Bella about werewolves and the 'cold ones'
How I Would Die
0:01 Deer chase
Dinner With His Family
1:03 Edward and Bella arrive at his place
Stuck Here Like Mom
1:26 Bella leaves Charlie
I Dreamt of Edward
0:25 Bella sleeps and it seems to her that Edward is watching her
1:30 Jasper and Alice are taking Bella away while Edward, Emmett and Rosalie try to track down James
In Place of Someone You Love
1:33 James calls Bella and she believes he's taken her mother hostage. She escapes to meet him
Showdown In the Ballet Studio
1:35 James attacks Bella in the ballet studio but Edward (and then the other Cullens) appear before she gets killed
Edward At Her Bed
1:45 Edward sits near Bella in the hospital. Bella says they can't be apart and Edward decides to stay
1:00 The creatures have a dirt clod fight with Max.
When You Have a Problem
The Wicked Flee
The Begininng, the camera fades in on the dead body of Mattie's father as she narrates.
River Crossing
0:34 Mattie finds Rooster and LaBoeuf on the opposite side of the river then continues to cross the river on her horse.
LaBoeuf Takes Leave
1:15 LaBoeuf and a drunken Cogburn fall out, LaBoeuf leaves on his horse after saying goodbye to Mattie who then falls asleep.
Little Blackie
0:29 Mattie walks into the barn after speaking with Stonehill, she finds a black horse and names him Little Blackie, she then continues to ride him around and away.
Ride to Death
1:35 Cogburn attempts to ride the poisioned Mattie home on Little Blackie, after miles she eventually tires, succumbs and is shot by Rooster.
A Quarter Century
Mattie is older, she narrates the scene as we see her go to visit Rooster at his running show.
The Snake Pit
1:31 Mattie shoots Chaney. The recoil causes her to fall back down a pit where she gets stuck and finds a dead body with multiple snakes inside of it.
Father's Gun
0:12 Mattie walks to the house of the Boarding House Landlady and is showed her fathers found possessions.
Your Headstrong Ways
0:27 Mattie walks out of the boarding house after speaking with LaBoeuf, reading a letter, she then walks into Stonehill's.
A Great Adventure
0:33 Mattie prepares for the adventure ahead, she puts on a duster coat and a hat, packs a gun and a few apples while narrating a letter sent to her mum. we then see her mount Little Blackie and ride out of the barn.
We Don't Need Him Do We?
0:43 After LaBoeuf and Rooster argue, LaBoeuf says "Adios" then rides away, Mattie asks " We don't need him do we marshall?" the scene then fades into them approaching a house.
The Hanging Man
0:45 Cogburn and Mattie are riding while he tell her stories about his last wife, they then find a man hanging from a tree, while Mattie is up the tree a mysterious man comes along but it turns out the man just wanted the body.
A Methodist and a Son of a Bitch
0:53 Mattie and Cogburn find a hut at night. Mattie covers the chimney, Cogburn takes the people hostage, Quincy fatally stabs Moon and Cogburn kills Quincy. The song ends in Rooster being told Ned and his gang will be at the hut soon.
A Turkey Shoot
1:00 Cogburn and Mattie wait by the hut. A suspected scout turns up which turns out to be LaBoeuf, Ned's Gang turn up and the scene dissolved into a firefight.
Talking to Horses
1:05 Mattie talks to Little Blackie outside the hut about Tom Chaney.
Taken Hostage
1:18 Mattie goes down to the river for a bucket of water, where she finds Chaney. She is then Taken Hostage by him and Neds gang.
One Against Four
1:29 The gunfight starts between Cogburn and Ned's gang.
I Will Carry You
Talk About Suffering
0:29 Bella steps into the sun after her arm wrestle with Emmett.
This song plays during the opening credits.
Renesmee's Lullaby / Something Terrible
0:32 Edwin plays this song on the piano at home, while Irena tells the Vultori about what she saw concerning Renesmee.
1:12 The Cullens and the vampires helping them stand in the snow as the Vultori to arrive.
1:33 Edward and Bella fight together to kill Aro.
At Bedtime a Child Asks About Death
Exacueret Nostri Dentes in Filia
Adaptation (Fat Boy Slim Remix)
The Evolution of the Screenwriter
The Writer and the Crazy White Man
An Unashamed Passion
The Evolution of Evolution
On Judgement, Human or Otherwise
Whittle the World Down
On the Similarity of Human and Orchid Forms (Instrumental)
The Screenwriter's Nightmare
Approaching the Object of Desire
Shinier Than Any Ant
The Slough Pit of Creation
Adaptation Versus Immutability
Effects of Sibling Pressure
Evasion and Escape
The Unexpressed Expressed
The Screenwriter's Nightmare (ZENO Remix)
To Protect His Blind Side
All Things Possible / Your Father
The Hang Of It
Summer Training
Thank Me Later
Part Of The Family
The First Game
Gridiron Machine
Inspired Play
The Art Of Recruiting
The Light Brigade
Michael Graduates
It's Your Life
My Son Michael
A Higher Patriotism
Linda Looks for Love (Part 1)
Building the Chair
Harry Looks for Love
Breaking and Entering
I Killed a Spook
Honey Nut Cheerios
Linda Looks for Love (Part 2)
How Is This Possible?
The Struggle for Ebullience
Earth Zoom (Out)
The Corruptor
Beneath the Streets
Lamp Store Shootout
Ginza Shooting
Death Drives Through Chinatown
He Takes the Hook
Chen Betrayed
Funeral In Chinatown
The Stairway
Millions Check
The Art Gallery
Never Heard of Him
A Bad Year for Howard
Medieval Waters
The Little Dead Boy
The Last Judgement
View from the Tower
My Suicide Your Homicide
Save the Next Boy
Ray At the Mirror
Walking Bruges
The Magic Frog
Harry Walks
Dressing for Death
The Kiss Walk Past