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Heart of Glass
1:03 Second song playing on the boat. People are dancing while Lefty tells Donnie he's disgusted with him.
One Way or Another
0:10 Donnie Brasco and Lefty tow away their new Porsche
1:08 Song when Miri smiles and jumps on the coffee beans after her and Zach finish their scene
Tide is High
0:40 Lara (Jessica Beil) is getting ready in front of the mirror while Lauren looks at a book on the bed. They talk about the pill.
Rip Her to Shreds
0:04 First song as Annie (Kristen Wiig) leaves Ted's house and climbs over his fence.
Rip Her to Shreds (Live)
Third song during the end credits.
You Should Rip Her to Shreds
0:03 Antoine drives up in his car with a woman. Deuce (Rob Schneider) looks on in awe, as Antoine takes the girl into his house.