Rubber Head
I Drive
He Had a Good Time
They Broke His Pelvis
Kick Your Teeth
Where's the Deluxe Version?
See You in Four
After The Chase
Wrong Floor
Skull Crushing
My Name On a Car
On the Beach
Bride of Deluxe
Pretend It's a Video Game
Never Gonna Get This P***y
Your Friends Ain't Gonna Leave With You
Big 'Ol Scardy Pants
They're Calling My Flight
Chrysanthemum Complex
Move Away from the Table
The Birds Are Doing That
Get Off the Bus
100 Doses
Affected Cities
Bad Day to Be a Rhesus Monkey
I'm Sick
Get Us to the Front of the Line
Don't Tell Anyone
It's Mutated
Merry Christmas
They Didn't Touch Me
There's Nothing In There
Bat & Pig
How's It Hangin' Counselor?
Looks a Little Short to Me
How Does Reggie Tell It?
We Did a Couple Things Right
You're Right, I Killed Her
I Can Kick Your Ass
You Lied Val
Did I Get Frank Killed?
I'm a Missionary Man
About Those Thousand Razors
You've Got Someplace to Be
I Got This
Directed Verdict
Whose Side Are You On?
Shoot Me Right Now
Track Him
911, What's Your Emergency?
Repeat Customers
Following Daniel
The Compact
What Shoe Size?
Finally, You Two Meet
Will I See You?
Hello, Who's This?
My Dad's Famous Potatoes
I Am Not What I Am
I Didn't Go to China
Have a Good Trip
Only God Forgives
Wanna Fight
Bride of Chang
Sister, Pt. 1
Chang and Sword
Wanna Fight (Bonus Edition)
Bride of Chang (Mac Quayle Club Mix)
Time to Meet the Devil
Take It Off
Ask Him Why He Killed My Brother
Julian and the Body
Crystal and the Bodybuilders
Leave My Son In Peace
Chang Vision
Mai Quits Masturbating
Put It Back On
Crystal Checking In
Do As Thou Will
More Hands
Ladies Close Your Eyes