Cliff Martinez

Featured in the following...

Rubber Head
0:13 Driver puts on the rubber head before his stunt.
I Drive
0:18 Driver talks to Irene after he helps her up with the groceries.
He Had a Good Time
0:27 Irene tells Ryan Gosling he had a good time. They stare at each other and go driving together, she holds his hand.
They Broke His Pelvis
0:31 Bernie talks to 'Driver' in the garage.
Kick Your Teeth
0:39 At the diner after Ryan Gosling tells the man to shut his mouth.
Where's the Deluxe Version?
See You in Four
0:52 Standard robs the store while Gosling waits the car out front.
After The Chase
0:56 After the chase, Gosling interrogates Blanche.
1:04 Gosling attacks Cook in the strippers room with a hammer. He wants to know who's money he has.
Wrong Floor
1:11 Gosling kisses Irene in the elevator right before he kicks the man's head in.
Skull Crushing
1:12 After he kicks the man's skull in in the elevator. Irene walks out of the lift and the doors close.
My Name On a Car
On the Beach
1:26 Score music as Driver kills Nino on the beach.
Bride of Deluxe
1:31 During the meeting at the end between the Driver and Bernie. Driver (Gosling) kills Bernie in the parking lot before he drives away.
Pretend It's a Video Game
Never Gonna Get This P***y
Your Friends Ain't Gonna Leave With You
Big 'Ol Scardy Pants
They're Calling My Flight
Chrysanthemum Complex
Move Away from the Table
The Birds Are Doing That
Get Off the Bus
Affected Cities
Bad Day to Be a Rhesus Monkey
Get Us to the Front of the Line
Don't Tell Anyone
It's Mutated
Merry Christmas
They Didn't Touch Me
There's Nothing In There
How's It Hangin' Counselor?
Looks a Little Short to Me
How Does Reggie Tell It?
We Did a Couple Things Right
You're Right, I Killed Her
I Can Kick Your Ass
Did I Get Frank Killed?
I'm a Missionary Man
About Those Thousand Razors
You've Got Someplace to Be
Directed Verdict
Whose Side Are You On?
Shoot Me Right Now
911, What's Your Emergency?
Repeat Customers
Following Daniel
The Compact
What Shoe Size?
Finally, You Two Meet
Will I See You?
Hello, Who's This?
My Dad's Famous Potatoes
I Am Not What I Am
I Didn't Go to China
Have a Good Trip
Only God Forgives
0:01 Opening credits score music. Title shot.
1:03 Song during Julian and Chang fight.
0:33 Vision as Julian touches the Thai girl before getting up and confronting two men.
Chang and Sword
0:38 Score song on city skyline. Cuts to Chang training with his sword
Wanna Fight (Bonus Edition)
Bride of Chang (Mac Quayle Club Mix)
Time to Meet the Devil
0:47 After Julian yells at her to take off her dress.
Ask Him Why He Killed My Brother
0:23 Julian asks him why he killed his brother. No dialogue.
Julian and the Body
Crystal and the Bodybuilders
Leave My Son In Peace
Mai Quits Masturbating
Crystal Checking In
0:20 Crystal checks into the hotel.
Do As Thou Will
Ladies Close Your Eyes
0:59 Chang kills Julians brother after cutting his face up.
Trial by Fire
Welcome to Kyrat
Into the Fire
Sudden Trouble
The Target
Take Down
No Respite
Secrets of the Goddess
The Mountain Watches
Unfamiliar Paths
Awash in the Day
Every Road an Exit
The Hard Road
One by One
Sabal's Suite
Predator's Way
Here They Come
Once More with Teeth
Lives to Spare
Royal Reception
Prisoners of Despair
Amita's Rage
The Moon's Light
Victory by Inches
What Is Sacred...
Blood of Faith
A Sermon of Bullets
Painted in Blood
The Whisper of My Blade
Bhadra's Suite
Don't Forget Me When You're Famous
Gold Paint Shoot
Take Off Your Shoes
Ruby at the Morgue
Jesse Sneaks Into Her Room
Real Lolita Rides Again
Messenger Walks Among Us
Take Her to Measurements
Who Wants Sour Milk
I Would Never Say You're Fat
Thank God You're Awake Remix
Ruby's Close Up
Lipstick Drawing
Something's In My Room
Are We Having a Party
Get Her Out of Me
Fireworks Went Off