Air Supply

Featured in the following...

All Out Of Love Animal Kingdom
0:16 Song during slow shot as Pope stares/watches Nicky scarily while shes sleeping on the couch.
I Can Wait Forever Ghostbusters
Making Love Out of Nothing at All Click
Every Woman In The World Merry Madagascar
0:07 Private the penguin falls in love with Cupid, female reindeer
All Out of Love The Perks of Being a Wallflower
0:28 Charlie writes a letter to his best friend about how school is going.
All Out Of Love The Wedding Date
0:41 Partying at the limo after the bachelorette party
Making Love Out of Nothing at All Mr. and Mrs. Smith
John likes this song. He sings along with it right before the car chase.
All Out Of Love Out Cold
0:59 They show Luke and Pig Pen as the last two people at the party.
Every Woman in the World The Heat
1:13 Fifth song as they dance slowly with each other.
The One That You Love 3 The Other Woman