Creedence Clearwater Revival

Featured in the following...

Keep On Chooglin' Wild Hogs
Fortunate Son Live Free or Die Hard
Comes on the radio in the car. Matt says its like 'having a pine cone shoved up his ass.' McClane turns it up. The song appears as end
Run Through The Jungle The Big Lebowski
0:33 The Dude and Walter make the drop off. This song plays in the car. Walter jumps out of the car.
Looking Out My Back Door The Big Lebowski
1:02 Playing in the Dude's car after he gets it back.
Up Around the Bend The Hoax
Down on the Corner The Hoax
Bad Moon Rising Blade
Porterville Into the Wild
Bootleg The Longest Yard
Have You Ever Seen the Rain The Longest Yard
I Heard It Through the Grapevine
Fortunate Son Parenthood
Season 5 : Episode 8 - The Ring
Commotion Parenthood
Season 4 : Episode 3 - Everything is Not Okay
The Working Man Parenthood
Season 2 : Episode 12 - Meet the New Boss
Fortunate Son
Have You Ever Seen the Rain Parenthood
Season 6 : Episode 10 - How Did We Get Here
Fortunate Son Battleship
2:00 First song during end credits.
Fortunate Son 2 Forrest Gump
Run Through the Jungle Drift
0:15 JB looks through the telescope on top of his car. Song continues as they hunt for crayfish.
Have You Ever Seen the Rain Evan Almighty
Song when Evan and his Family leave buffalo and on their way to a new life.
Up Around the Bend Invincible
Up Around the Bend Michael
Up Around the Bend Remember the Titans
Run Through The Jungle Tropic Thunder
0:28 Song when they are trekking through the jungle together.
Looking Out My Back Door We Are Marshall
Keep On Chooglin' The Expendables
0:12 After Lee (Stathom) leaves his girlfriends house. Plays in the tattoo shop as Tool (Rourke) rides in on his bike.
Born On the Bayou The Expendables
1:32 Song at end of movie at the tattoo shop. Knife throwing competition.
Bad Moon Rising Mr. Woodcock
Bad Moon Rising The Big Chill
1:18 Sam and Harold play this song while driving in the jeep
Born On the Bayou The Waterboy
Long As I Can See the Light 2 Black or White