Missy Elliott

Featured in the following...

Pass That Dutch Mean Girls
0:41 The plastics are walking down the hallway at school in slow motion. Cady falls into the trash can.
Get Ur Freak On 40 Year Old Virgin
0:28 Nicki is driving drunk with Andy in the car, she sings to it while shes driving
Hurt Sumthin Honey
Who You Gonna Call Any Given Sunday
Shake Your Pom Pom Step Up 2: The Streets
This one is during the end credits; when the MSA crew perform freestyle
Ching-A-Ling Step Up 2: The Streets
We Run This This is 40
1:08 First song in the club with Debbie and Desi.
Get Ur Freak On A Walk to Remember
0:44 Landon is working on his car when Eric comes and plays this song on the stereo.
Get Ur Freak On Neighbors
1:10 First song at the 'legendary' end of year frat party.
Scream a.k.A. Itchin' (LP Version) The Transporter