Missy Elliott

Featured in the following...

Pass That Dutch Mean Girls
0:41 The plastics are walking down the hallway at school in slow motion. Cady falls into the trash can.
Get Ur Freak On 40 Year Old Virgin
0:28 Nicki is driving drunk with Andy in the car, she sings to it while shes driving
Hurt Sumthin Honey
Who You Gonna Call Any Given Sunday
Shake Your Pom Pom 1 Step Up 2: The Streets
This one is during the end credits; when the MSA crew perform freestyle
Ching-A-Ling 1 Step Up 2: The Streets
We Run This This is 40
1:08 First song in the club with Debbie and Desi.
Get Ur Freak On A Walk to Remember
0:44 Landon is working on his car when Eric comes and plays this song on the stereo.
Get Ur Freak On 2 Neighbors
1:10 First song at the 'legendary' end of year frat party.
Scream a.k.A. Itchin' (LP Version) The Transporter
Nintendo/KC/NJ/SB/Doozer/Anitioan/8B/TIA/NV/NH/TCF Fed Up
PT/Omation/CN/KC/Paramount/Cinar/TCF/WB/FR/LP/Saba Fed Up
Klasky Csupo Robot Fast Version (Move Real to Life Fed Up