Vampire Weekend

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0:01 movie starts, Brennan puts nachos in microwave. Nancy and Robert get married
Ending credits
0:33 Peter and Sidney have fish tacos together.
0:42 Peter yells under the boardwalk and walks back to Sidney's house.
0:19 Bella gets on the back of Jacobs motorbike and they drive off as Edward watches.
First song during opening credits. Laser is skateboarding with his friend Clay.
0:18 When the smurfs are on top of the taxi driving through new york city
Diane Young
0:55 Song as the girls and boys prepare for prom.
One (Blake's Got a New Face)
1:01 Mason and Samantha go around the neighbourhood and erect Barrack Obama supporter signs.
0:19 Saran wrapped car; they cross Jefferson park and head to Chuck's house.