Vampire Weekend

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A-Punk 1 Step Brothers
0:01 movie starts, Brennan puts nachos in microwave. Nancy and Robert get married
Ottoman Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
Ending credits
Oxford Comma I Love You, Man
0:33 Peter and Sidney have fish tacos together.
Campus I Love You, Man
0:42 Peter yells under the boardwalk and walks back to Sidney's house.
Jonathan Low The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
0:19 Bella gets on the back of Jacobs motorbike and they drive off as Edward watches.
Cousins The Kids are All Right
First song during opening credits. Laser is skateboarding with his friend Clay.
Holiday The Smurfs
0:18 When the smurfs are on top of the taxi driving through new york city
Diane Young 1 Carrie
0:55 Song as the girls and boys prepare for prom.
One (Blake's Got a New Face) 1 Boyhood
1:01 Mason and Samantha go around the neighbourhood and erect Barrack Obama supporter signs.
I'm Going Down Girls
Season 2 : Episode 1 - It's About Time
Worship You Parenthood
Season 6 : Episode 5 - The Scale of Affection is Fluid
Giving Up the Gun The Vampire Diaries
Season 1 : Episode 21 - Isobel
Unbelievers The Vampire Diaries
Season 5 : Episode 1 - I Know What You Did Last Summer