LCD Soundsystem

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North American Scum Step Brothers
0:07 Dale and Brennan first meet, they introduce themselves as Dragon and Night Hawk
Big Ideas 21
0:26 Ben is practicing how to count cards with Fisher and Choi. They teach him the code words for counting cards.
Daft Punk Is Playing At My House 1 Project X
1:19 Appears on Jimmy Kimmels show. Continues to play into the end of the movie.
Oh You (Christmas Blues) Greenberg
Daft Punk Is Playing at My House 1 The Heat
0:38 First song in the club when they are trying to bug the phone.
New York, I Love You but You\'re Bringing Me Down The Family
1:04 Belle comes onto her teacher and they make out in class.
Dance Yrself Clean Suits
Season 2 : Episode 10 - High Noon
I Can Change Girls
Season 1 : Episode 3 - All Adventurous Women Do