Guns N' Roses

Featured in the following...

Sweet Child O' Mine Step Brothers
0:26 Derek and his family sing this song in the car on the way to Dale and Brennans house
If The World Body of Lies
You're Crazy Gone Baby Gone
Sweet Child O' Mine The Wrestler
1:37 Randy deserts Pam and goes out into the ring
You Could Be Mine Terminator Salvation
Radio in the road.
Live and Let Die Grosse Point Blank
Welcome to the Jungle Megamind
1:15 During the final fight between Titan and Megamind. Megamind realizes that the hero he created is corrupt.
You Could Be Mine Terminator 2: Judgment Day
0:12 John revs a bike with his friend while ignoring his foster parents. Continues playing as they take a joyride. The song also plays in the credits.
Patience 1 Warm Bodies
0:23 R plays this record for Julie in the airplane as they go to sleep.
Sweet Child O' Mine Bad Dreams
Welcome to the Jungle The Interview
1:08 Dave and Kim are drunk at the dinner table