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Gut Feeling Dogtown and Z-Boys
Whip It 1 Casino
Uncontrollable Urge Fun with Dick and Jane
Mongoloid Lords of Dogtown
That's Good The Benchwarmers
0:48 During game 4. Clark finally catches a ball but it kills the beetle in his hand. Gus hits a guy in a swimming pool and benchwarmers win.
Human Rocket What's Your Number
Whip It Guess Who
0:45 Percy and Simon get talked to by the policeman after crashing their karts
Working In the Coal Mine Employee of the Month
First song during opening credits. Zack (Dane Cook) is skating around the warehouse.
Gut Feeling The Life Aquatic
0:34 Montage of the Zissou team after Ned decides to fund the project. They all run along the beach.
Uncontrollable Urge The Wolf of Wall Street
1:05 Jordan describes how a rat hole works as they play golf. The SEC visits.