Wanderlust (2012) Soundtrack 

Original Music Craig Wedren
Credited Songs 13 Songs
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Views 407 (May), 23023 (Total)
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Complete List of Songs

Get Your Body    Baby & Craig Wedren
0:02 First song during opening credits.   
Black Water    The Doobie Brothers
0:09 They sing along to this song in the car.   
Jesus Is Just Alright    The Doobie Brothers
0:10 The second song they sing in the car.   
Driver 8    R.E.M.
0:24 They leave Elysium and drive to Rick\'s house.   
Home    Daughtry
0:26 Playing in Rick\'s car as he takes George to his work.   
Two Princes    Spin Doctors
0:35 George plays this song on the guitar.   
Old Enough    The Raconteurs
0:38 Montage as they settle in to Elysium.   
Underdog    Sly & The Family Stone
0:46 Linda trips from the hallucinogenics.   
I Come Tumblin'    Grand Funk
0:55 Song playing as they protest.   
Save the Land    Grand Funk
0:55 Also plays during the protest.   
Never Been to Spain    Three Dog Night
1:04 Playing at the party as George tries to find Eva to have sex with her. Wayne is telling George about his novel.   
Groovy Times    The Clash
1:33 During end credits and outtakes.   
Love Take Me Down (To the Streets)    Joey Curatolo, Amy Miles, Charles Gansa & Chris Anderson

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