• End of Watch Soundtrack

  • Film Release Sep 21st 2012
  • Composer David Sardy
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Complete List of Songs

Harder Than You Think
0:08 First song as Brian and Mike patrol the neighbourhood.
0:12 The kerbside gang drives around in the car getting ready to shoot their rival gang.
Funky Lil' Party
0:13 The black gang talks about the fight before they get shot at by the rival gang.
Beat the Devil's Tattoo
0:23 Brian does star jumps and push ups by the city lights at night.
0:26 Song at the kerbside gang party. The cops are called in and talk to Big Evil.
The Chicken Dance
0:30 They do the chicken dance at Mike\'s mexican party.
Fade Into You
0:32 Brian and Janet make out on the bed after the party.
Alma Enamorada
0:36 Song coming from the truck they pull over when he tries to shoot Mike.
0:40 Brian and Janet sing this song in the car.
Momma Sed
0:52 Song in the police car after they find the human trafficking house.
I'll Kiss a Pitbull
1:01 First song that Brian and Janet dance to at their wedding.
1:02 Second song Janet and Brian dance to at their wedding.
Twilight Zone
1:03 Song at the wedding before Mike does his speech.
1:31 Song as the parade of policer officers arrive before Mike\'s funeral.
1:37 First song during end credits.
Los Caminos de la Vida

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