De rouille et d'os (Rust and Bone) (2012) Soundtrack 

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Complete List of Songs

Wash. Song Available on Rdio Bon Iver
0:03 First song on the train with Alain and his son.
Out Of Clubzz Mike Kourtzer
0:12 Song plays as Alain stands outside the club.
Sexy Phone Girls' Fantasies White & Spirit
0:13 Alain kicks a guy out of the club for hitting Stephanie.
Tonight I'm a Superstar Lola Zaidine & Philip Lees
0:19 Song at the before the killer whale show starts. Cheerleaders are entertaining the crowd.
I Like to Move It (feat. The Mad Studman) Song Available on Rdio Reel to Reel
0:19 Song as Stephanie prepares for the show.
Firework Song Available on Rdio Katy Perry
0:20 Song during the killer whale show performance.
Evidently Chickentown Song Available on Rdio John Cooper Clarke
0:22 Alain listens to this song while jogging.
Love Shack Song Available on Rdio The B-52's
0:44 Stephanie plays this song in her apartment and dances around in her wheelchair after swimming at the beach.
I Follow Rivers (The Magician Remix) Lykke Li
1:21 Alain takes Stephanie to the night club with all his mates. Alain leaves Stephanie to go dance.
With You (feat. Alexis Taylor) Song Available on Rdio Carte Blanche
1:23 Second song at the night club. Alain is dancing with another girl and tells Stephanie he\'s going home with her.
Reckless (With Your Love) [Tiga Remix] Azari & III
1:25 Third song at the club. A guy buys Stephanie a drink at the bar but she ends up throwing it in his face.
State Trooper (Trentemøller Mix) Bruce Springsteen
1:32 Stephanie gets her legs tattooed and starts running the bets at Alains fights.
All the Days I've Missed You (Ilaij I) Colin Stetson
1:42 Shot of the camera on the side of the truck. Song continues as Alain trains in his new boxing gym.
The Wolves (Act I and II) Song Available on Rdio Bon Iver
1:55 Last song as Sam gets out of hospital. Stephanie meets them outside the hotel. Plays into end credits.
Firewater Song Available on Rdio Django Django
1:58 Song during end credits.
Back to the Future Andre Crom & Martin Dawson
The Real Thing John Andersson & Kas Wahl
On the Floor Carsten Wegener & Timo Hohnholz
Candy Bar Aaron Gilbert
Night Music Song Available on Rdio Shahrooz Raoofi
Yo Hommies White & Spirit
Jim White & Spirit
Enterrement Dans La Mer Evgueni Galperine


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