We're The Millers (2013) Soundtrack 

Original Music Ludwig Göransson
Credited Songs 17 Songs
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Views 11751 (Oct), 143020 (Total)
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Complete List of Songs

Count It Off (feat. The Muscle Shoals Horns) The Saturday Knights
First song during the youtube videos.
Problem Song Available on Rdio Natalia Kills
0:03 Song as Rose dances in the strip club at the start.
I'm a Man Song Available on Rdio Black Strobe
0:09 Song after David gets robbed by the muggers.
Stroke Me Song Available on Rdio Mickey Avalon
0:14 Song at the strip club as Rose has to give David a lap dance.
Wild Child Song Available on Rdio Juliet Simms
0:16 Boner Garage is dancing on stage at the strip club.
Hustlin' Song Available on Rdio Rick Ross
0:19 Song as the Millers go through customs at the airport.
Put the Gun Down Song Available on Rdio ZZ Ward
0:23 Song as the Millers drive off in the van.
South of the Border Song Available on Rdio Frank Sinatra
0:25 After the let the firework off, they arrive at the border.
Waterfalls TLC
0:40 Victory song David plays on the radio after the cross the border. Continues during end credits.
Shakey Ground Beck
0:42 Song in the van before it breaks down.
Werk Me Song Available on Rdio Hyper Crush
1:06 Brad is in the hot tub as he chats with David on the phone.
Sweet Emotion Aerosmith
1:09 Song as Rose strips for Pablo.
I'll Be There for You Song Available on Rdio The Rembrandts
1:40 Outtakes song as they make fun of Jennifer Aniston.
Shake it Sleazy Ronald J. Webb
Joined at the Hip Johnathan Carrol
Officer of the Day Wurlitzer Pipe Band

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