• Violet & Daisy Soundtrack

  • Film Release Jun 7th 2013
  • Composer José Villalobos
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Complete List of Songs

Plays during the first shooting when Violet and Daisy are dressed like nuns.
Mama Look a Boo Boo
Plays when Violet and Daisy are dancing to celebrate Daisy\'s birthday.
This song plays when Violet and Daisy go see Russ in the park about the gig. It also plays two more times: for the \\\"Violet\\\'s Odyssey\\\" sequence, and when Violet gets ammunition.
This song plays when Violet and Daisy play pattycake by the water.
When Will I See You Again
Plays when Violet and Daisy do the \"internal bleeding dance.\"
Love Don't Love Nobody
This song plays when the neighbor calls the cops as Violet and Daisy drag the bodies into the bathroom.
57821 (feat. Deep Cotton)
This song plays when Violet tells Daisy about the holdup in the hardware store. It also is the second end credits song.
Plays when Daisy asks Michael why his daughter is so mad at him.
Pavane for Dead Princess in B Major, M. 19: Op. 50
Plays as Daisy walks under the train tracks.
Answer Me, My Love
Plays during the \"Rose Again\" sequence.
Plays when Killer 1 (Iris) talks to Daisy about finishing the job.
Plays when Violet confronts Daisy after she sees her wearing the dress. Also plays after Daisy kills Michael.
Plays when Daisy visits April at her school to talk about Michael and give her the Barbie Sunday dress.

Official Soundtrack

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