Like Crazy (2011) Soundtrack 

Original Music Dustin O'Halloran
Official Soundtrack 14 Songs
Credited Songs 20 Songs
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Complete List of Songs

Crazy Love, Vol. II    Paul Simon
0:07 First song plays in Annas room as she reads for Jacob.   
Century    The Mary Onettes
0:22 Anna decides not to leave for home, and stays with Jacob for the summer. Multiple shots of them in bed.   
Closet Astrologer    The Ruby Suns
0:28 Bar song as Anna talks about travelling with her friend.   
Impossible    Figurine
0:48 Jacob and Samantha go out to a club. Anna texts him.   
The Wild Hunt    The Tallest Man On Earth
0:56 Continue to dance in their hotel room.   
Surprise Hotel    Fool's Gold
0:56 First song in their hotel room after the get married.   
Fragile N.4    Dustin O'Halloran
0:58 Timelapse as Anna waits at the airport for the 6 months.   
We Move Lightly    Dustin O'Halloran
1:06 Piano song after Anna and Jacob fight in the kitchen. They go back to their old partners.   
Opus 37    Dustin O'Halloran
1:25 Final song in the shower.   
Dead Hearts    Stars
1:26 First song during end credits.   
I Guess I'm Floating    1 M83
Opus 55    Dustin O'Halloran
Thursday    1 Asobi Seksu
Closing Scene    The Radio Dept.
S.O.S.    Figurine
Less Evil    Goddamn Electric Bill
Minuet for a Cheap Piano    A Winged Victory for the Sullen
Opus 26    Dustin O'Halloran
Pull the Lever    Goddamn Electric Bill
Plumb Crazy    J.C. Lines


1 Arrivals N. 2 Dustin O'Halloran
2 Crazy Love, Vol. II Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Paul Simon
3 We Float Dustin O'Halloran
4 Departures N1 Dustin O'Halloran
5 Century Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio The Mary Onettes
6 Fragile N. 4 Dustin O'Halloran
7 Impossible Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Figurine
8 Surprise Hotel Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Fool's Gold
9 I Guess I'm Floating Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio 1 M83
10 We Move Lightly Dustin O'Halloran
11 Opus 37 Dustin O'Halloran
12 Dead Hearts Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Stars
13 Thursday Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio 1 Asobi Seksu
14 Closing Scene The Radio Depot
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