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  • Film Release Oct 28th 2011
  • Composer Dustin O'Halloran
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Complete List of Songs

Crazy Love, Vol. II
0:07 First song plays in Annas room as she reads for Jacob.
0:22 Anna decides not to leave for home, and stays with Jacob for the summer. Multiple shots of them in bed.
Closet Astrologer
0:28 Bar song as Anna talks about travelling with her friend.
0:48 Jacob and Samantha go out to a club. Anna texts him.
0:56 Continue to dance in their hotel room.
Surprise Hotel
0:56 First song in their hotel room after the get married.
0:58 Timelapse as Anna waits at the airport for the 6 months.
We Move Lightly
1:06 Piano song after Anna and Jacob fight in the kitchen. They go back to their old partners.
1:25 Final song in the shower.
Dead Hearts
1:26 First song during end credits.
I Guess I'm Floating
Plumb Crazy

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