• +1 (Plus One) Soundtrack

  • Film Release Sep 20th 2013
  • Composer Nathan Larson
  • Views 13k

Complete List of Songs

First song, opening credits.
Turn It Up Feat. Mickey Factz
0:11 First song at the party, David and Teddy watch Jill walk in.
0:11 Second song at the party. David walks through the party trying to find Jill.
Future Again (Win Win Club Mix)
0:13 Third song at the party.
Another Likely Story
0:14 Fourth song at the party on the dance floor. Teddy talks to Melanie on the couch.
We Party (Exo Crowd Remix)
0:17 Fifth song at the party.
LOL & POP (feat. Blaya)
0:28 Song as the two glow light girls dance in the backyard.
Boom Ha feat. Shad K (Original)
0:48 Song as they dance in backyard. Jill dances with Teddy.
Can You Feel It
0:57 The girls take their tops off in the backyard.
Grenade on Da Floor
0:58 The girls continue to dance on stage.
1:31 End credits song.
I Need You (Breach Mix)
THIS is the song that plays as soon as the fire sprinklers go off in the house.
Yellow Fields
Under the Sun
Fractured Sense of Mischief

Official Soundtrack

+1 (Plus One) Official Soundtrack
1 From Space! Nathan Larson
2 Alien Science Rock Nathan Larson
3 Love Amongst Kegs Nathan Larson
4 Who Are They? Nathan Larson
5 Stealth: Horror Nathan Larson
6 Jill Nathan Larson
7 Killing Your Double Nathan Larson
8 Love In a Blackout: Rejection Action Nathan Larson
9 Two Allisons Nathan Larson
10 Kiss + Kill Nathan Larson
11 Hive Mind Nathan Larson
12 Three Warnings Nathan Larson
13 Love Yourself Nathan Larson
14 And Now We Are One Nathan Larson

Trailer Music

Questions (2)

  • PuttyGod 8 months ago
    Just wanted to refresh the original question that Davao had asked. I'm struggling with this one!
  • Skintab_Davao 11 months ago
    Hello what is the title of the song,the indian guy said " everything is under control" theyre still inside the house dancing and they all got wet because of the fire sprinkler?
    PuttyGod 8 months ago
    I've been looking for the exact same song! At one point, I think I found the title, but I didn't see a viable way to buy it. Please let me know if you figured it out! Thanks
    PuttyGod 8 months ago
    Okay, I found the song, it's "Montecito" by "Inpetto and Morgan Page," but I cannot find a place to buy it to save my life. Here's a link with the song at 1:00, but it's not the best quality. http://youtu.be/bWoGEt71mGQ?t=1m