• Little Miss Sunshine Soundtrack

  • Film Release Nov 30th 2005
  • Composer Mychael Danna
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Complete List of Songs

movie opens, Olive is watching the beauty pageant on TV. Richard is giving his pyramid scheme. Dwayne is working out. Edwin is doing drugs in the bathroom
0:21 They head to California in the Kombi Van
0:31 They have to give the van a push start.
No One Gets left Behind
0:32 They start driving again after giving the van a push start, Olive is playing with a puzzle, Grandpa (Edwin) is throwing popcorn onto his tounge
0:39 After Richard loses the deal on the phone. Sheryl yells at him. They realize they forgot Olive.
La Llorona
0:46 Richard leaves the motel and buys a moped to find Stan Grosman
1:11 After Dwayns outburst, they're trying to get to the pageant in time, they are crashing through the parking lot. Frank runs into the pageant
Do You Think There's A Heaven
1:18 Richard receives Edwards (grandpas) personal effects.
1:19 The contestants are introduced on stage
America The Beautiful
1:21 The host sings this song on stage at pageant
Give My Regards to Broadway
1:25 First contestant sings this song.
You've Got My Dancing
1:25 2nd contestant sings this song.
Rodeo Queen
1:25 3rd contestant sings this song.
Super Freak
1:30 Olive performs to this song
Til the End of Time
1:37 end credits start
No Man's Land
1:40 2nd song played in credits
Martini Lounge
Change the World
Enemy Guns
Information Highway
Fifteen Years Ago

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