• Say Anything... Soundtrack

  • Film Release Apr 14th 1989
  • Composer Anne Dudley and Richard Gibbs
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Complete List of Songs

0:01 Lloyd drives to the graduation ceremony. Diane practices her speech.
The Greatest Love of All
0:03 Joe sings the song during the ceremony.
Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns
0:07 Constance and her son Jason visit Lloyd.
One Big Rush
0:11 Jason watches Lloyd do some kickboxing.
Rikki Don't Lose That Number
0:13 Jim sings the song badly.
Back in the Saddle
0:21 Lloyd and Diane arrive to the graduation party.
Cult of Personality
0:23 Corey finds out that Joe is arriving to the party with Mimi. Lloyd has a chat with Mrs. Evans, who wants him to attend college.
0:25 Lloyd checks up on Diane.
0:25 Diane talks to Jim on the phone.
Skankin' to the Beat
0:26 Diane sees Lloyd again. The graduates dance to the song. Corey distracts Joe with a song she had written for him.
You Want It
0:28 Diane tells Corey that Lloyd checks up on her.
One Big Rush
0:28 Corey sings another song about Joe. The graduates start ripping off the chicken costume Valhere is wearing.
0:29 Joe tries to reconcile with Corey by telling her that he's breaking up with Mimi, but she refuses to listen and leaves.
Keeping the Dream Alive
0:30 Lloyd says goodbye to his fellow classmates.
Crown of Thorns
0:32 The ending plays briefly inside of Lloyd's car while he takes Mike and Diane home from the party.
0:32 Lloyd, Diane and Mike listen to the radio.
All for Love
0:33 Diane says to Lloyd that she\'s starting to like him. The song also plays in the end credits.
0:38 Lloyd and Diane have dinner with Jim and his senior colleagues.
0:43 Diane asks her mom to defend Jim if the IRS start questioning her.
0:51 Lloyd and Diane make love in the car. The song plays again when Lloyd serenades Diane with his boombox.
Skankin' to the Beat
1:01 Lloyd coaches several kids at a kick boxing school.
Within Your Reach
1:12 Lloyd explains his break up with Diane to MC and Corey.
Within Your Reach
1:32 Lloyd packs his bags and leaves to go to England with Diane.

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