She's Out Of My League (2010) Soundtrack 

Original Music Michael Andrews
Credited Songs 24 Songs
Contributor My Band Name level 1
Views 1373 (May), 46464 (Total)
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Complete List of Songs

Wannamama    Pop Levi
0:07 First song. Plays at the airport. Molly walks into the airport in slow motion   
Doin' My Thing    King Juju
0:12 First song at the party when Kirk goes to return Molly her iphone.   
Say What You Want    The Deekompressors
0:14 2nd song at the party. Kirk tells Devon a girl thought she was hot.   
Chelsea Dagger    The Fratellis
0:19 Second song playing at the bar when Kirk and Stainer meet up with Molly. Plays during the hockey game.   
Over My Head (Cable Car)    1 The Fray
0:21 Kirk and Molly are at the hockey game.   
Something About You    All Systems Go!
0:22 Kirk, Stainer and Devon are at the bowling alley.   
Carry On Wayward Son    Kansas
0:24 Playing at the bowling alley, the guys are talking about the rating system. Kirk gets a call from Molly.   
Coming Home    The 88
0:26 After Molly calls Kirk and asks him on a date. Katie and Molly are in a clothes store.   
Trust What You Feel    Bronwen Exter
0:28 Playing at the restaurant during Kirk and Molly's first date.   
Many the Miles    Sara Bareilles
0:34 Playing on Molly and Kirk's date. He drops her off and they kiss in the car.   
Hot Girls in Love    Loverboy
0:37 Kirk introduces Molly to his family. He goes outside to talk to his brother in the pool.   
What Gods Are These    My Federation
0:45 Kirk and Dylan play slap shot regatta in the basement.   
Use Me    Bill Withers
0:48 Molly plays this at her apartment with Kirk. They start to make out on the couch before her parents come in.   
Diamond in the Rough    Airbourne
0:58 At the start of the airshow.   
She's So High    Tal Bachman
1:03 Plane/Jet takes off and a montage of Kirk and Molly dating begins.   
Kiss On My List    T.J. Miller and Adam Tomei
1:09 Stainer performs this at Molly's sister's birthday party.   
Everytime You Go Away    T.J. Miller and Adam Tomei
1:12 Stainer performs this at Molly\'s sister\'s birthday party.   
I've Underestimated My Charms (Again)    Black Kids
1:14 Plays at Molly's sister birthday party while Kirk talks to Cam.   
Dream Catch Me    Newton Faulkner
1:22 Kirk and Molly have a fight about his self esteem issues. He leaves in his car.   
Untouchable    Mink
1:28 Stainer calls Patty to tell her to influence Molly and Kirk to get back together.   
Cold Hard Bitch    Jet
1:34 Marnie chases after Kirk off the airplane while Kirk tries to find Molly.   
Undiscovered    James Morrison
1:38 Last song of the movie. Kirk takes Molly on a plane ride.   
Happy Drunk (Pigmix)    Cosmic Ballroom

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