Mr. Nobody (2009) Soundtrack 

Original Music Pierre van Dormael
Credited Songs 16 Songs
Contributor Starla level 1
Views 1849 (May), 60968 (Total)
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Complete List of Songs

God Yu Tekkem Laef Blong Mi    1 Hans Zimmer
Nemo starts to remember his life. He recalls how the children wait to be born and the Angels of Oblivion make them forget it   
Lent Et Grave   
0:28 Nemo's mother leaves by train. He tries to run her down, but fails and is left behind with his father   
Sweet Dreams    Eurythmics
0:48 Nemo comes to the disco and sees Elise's hysterics   
Where Is My Mind?    Pixies
0:55 Anna and Nemo smoke on the balcony   
Undercover    Pierre Van Dormael
0:57 Anna and Nemo promise each other to stay together forever   
Daydream    Wallace Collection
1:00 Nemo promises to marry the first girl he\'d dance with that night. He asks Jean after seeing Elise kissing her boyfriend.   
Mr. Nobody    Pierre Van Dormael
1:00 Anna and Nemo try to prepare themselves for the parting. Anna asks Nemo to wait near the lighthouse every Sunday. 2nd scene: adult Nemo and Anna live   
Mister Sandman    The Chordettes
Nemo is 5 years old. 2nd time: Nemo\'s mother wakes him up in the morning (Nemo\'s 9 years old at that time).   
For Your Precious Love    Otis Redding
9-year-old Nemo watches Anna jumping into the pool. 2nd time: 15-year-old Anna and Nemo sit on the beach, she snuggles up to his shoulder. The song   
Everyday    Buddy Holly
'The butterfly effect'. Nemo's father narrates how he met his future wife. 2nd time: Nemo is waxing his car, Elise watches him from   
Je Te Veux   
Gnossienne #3   
Pavane Op. 50    Gabriel Fauré
Gymnopedie No.1   
Theme Du Generique    Pierre Van Dormael

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