Charlie St. Cloud (2010) Soundtrack 

Original Music Rolfe Kent
Official Soundtrack 21 Songs
Credited Songs 9 Songs
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Complete List of Songs

Helicopter Bloc Party
0:10 Song playing in the car as Charlie is driving Sam.
Oh No Song Available on Rdio Andrew Bird
0:18 After Sam's death. Charlie wakes up as the caretaker at the cemetery where his brother was buried. He cleans up the cemetary and chases the
Rasputin Studio K
0:34 Alistair brings Charlie into the bar. Alistair sings to this song on stage and Charlie is introduced to Rachel.
We're Gonna Play Matthew Barber
0:35 Second song at the bar after Alistair finishes singing karaoke on stage. Tess is staring at Charlie as her coach talks to her. Charlie punches
California Sun Song Available on Rdio Ramones
0:45 It starts raining in the storm while Charlie is playing baseball with Sam. They start sliding on garbage tin lids on the water.
While We Were Dreaming Song Available on Rdio Pink Mountaintops
0:54 Charlie searches for Tess in the cemetery after she leaves his cabin. He finds her and they kiss.
Pull My Heart Away Song Available on Rdio Jack Penate
1:33 First song during the end credits.
Magic Show Song Available on Rdio Electric Owls
1:35 Second song during the end credits.
Baby Rhys Blues The McKinley South Experience


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