• Bruna Surfistinha Soundtrack

  • Film Release Feb 25th 2011
  • Composer Trevor Rabin
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Complete List of Songs

Time of the Season
0:01 Initial credits
Street Spirit
0:16 Raquel cries because she can't fit in (after her mother asks her about the earrings).
0:18 Raquel runs away from home.
1:07 Sung by Bruna/Raquel and the other girls in the car
1:15 Bruna/Raquel in the rain, after being kicked out
1:24 Bruna/Raquel and Hudson in the new apartment
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
1:26 Bruna/Raquel starts ranking the clients
California Soul
1:28 Playing on the stereo, as they talk about the blog's total of visitors
Twilight Omens
1:40 End of the birthday party scene, and the decline of the blog
1:52 Bruna/Raquel starts spending her savings
1:59 Bruna/Raquel hits the bottom, spending her last savings
2:00 Bruna/Raquel with a lot of clientes, until she passes out
Fake Plastic Trees
2:07 Final scenes

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