The Town (2010) Soundtrack 

Original Music David Buckley
Official Soundtrack 16 Songs
Credited Songs 5 Songs
Contributor Krus level 2
Views 419 (May), 9490 (Total)
User Questions 1

Complete List of Songs

99 Bottles    Slaine
0:12 The gang convene at a bar to celebrate the successful heist.   
Whatcha Say    Jason Derulo
0:13 Doug meets with his ex-girlfriend, and Jem's sister, Krista at the bar.   
Get Paid    Rhaphael Tarpley
0:28 Doug and Jem break into an apartment wearing ski masks and accost two men.   
Run It    Slaine
0:33 The gang members and family have a barbeque as the FBI runs surveillance on them.   
Jolene    Ray LaMontagne
1:54 End Credits.   

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