• Bridesmaids Soundtrack

  • Film Release May 12th 2011
  • Composer Michael Andrews
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Complete List of Songs

Rip Her to Shreds
0:04 First song as Annie (Kristen Wiig) leaves Ted's house and climbs over his fence.
Blister In the Sun
0:15 Annie leaves her mum's house and drives to Lillian's bridal party.
That's What Friends Are For
0:25 Annie and Helen sing this to Lillian at her engagement party during the awkward speeches.
0:31 Annie goes home after meeting officer rhodes and cooks cupcakes. She finishes one and eats it on her own.
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
0:34 During the tennis match between Annie and Helen.
Do Wah Doo
0:36 Annie takes all the girls to lunch at an authentic brazilian restaurant.
I\'ve Just Begun (Having My Fun)
0:55 The girls go to Las Vegas for the bachelorette party. Plays again when they arrived in Wyoming thanks to Annie\'s outburst.
1:09 Annie goes out with Officer Rhodes after getting back from the airport.
It's Raining
1:19 After Annie loses her job and has to move in with her mother.
1:27 After Annie's big fight with Lillian at the bridal shower. This song is playing in the car as she drives off.
Answering Bell
1:36 After Meghan tries to get Annie\'s life back on track. She starts cooking baked goods, gets her car fixed and bakes a cake for Officer Rhodes.
Natural Born Killaz
1:43 Annie imitates a gangster and plays this rap song in her car as she drives past Officer Rhodes to get his attention.
1:52 Helen brings the band up on stage during the reception. An alternate take of their performance plays during the end credits.
Boogaloo Annie
Shakin\' All Over
Second song during the end credits.
Rip Her to Shreds (Live)
Third song during the end credits.

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