Add the Movie


Insert any movie you wish. New users will need to wait for approval before there movies go live.

Add the Music


Add the complete list of credited songs. This list can always be found towards the end of the end credits.

Add the Scenes


Add as many scene descriptions to the songs as you can. This is best done by watching the movie.

How do I gain more points?

5 points; for every movie you add.
1 point; for every song you add to this movie.
1 point; for every scene description to add to these songs.
1 point; for every question you answer.


Level 1 0 - 250 points.
Level 2 251 - 750 points.
Level 3 751 - 1,500 points.
Level 4 1,501 - 3,000 points.
Level 5 3,001 + points.

Special Badges
VIP paid member
admin works here at WhatSong

What limitations do I have?

To keep our site properly moderated, you must prove yourself before gaining access to certain privelages.
Level 1 & Level 2 Any movies and the songs you add to them must be approved by an admin before they go live. You are also not permitted to add songs to movies other people have contributed.
Level 3 Your movies and songs go live on your command now. You also gain access to add songs to any movie you see fit. You can start contributing towards TV shows now.
Level 4 You gain access to overwrite scene/time descriptions and delete/edit poorly written answers or spam.
Level 5 You now have the ability to delete/edit incorrect songs. Also gain access to edit movie information, such as release dates, posters, composers etc.
* At level 5 you also gain the benefits of being a VIP.