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"You Don't Have to Say You Love Me" Dusty Springfield 1 min 21 sec Carl goes and sits with Bob after he finds out he is his dad.
"Son Of A Preacher Man" Dusty Springfield 30 sec Vincent meeting Mia at her house.
"Wishin' and Hopin'" Dusty Springfield 1 min 8 sec Hooper describes his research on the use of subliminal messages in music.
"You Don't Have to Say You Love Me" Dusty Springfield Nick's backflash about his relationship with Tris
"Spooky" Dusty Springfield 26 sec after Sidney recieves a voicemail message from his father, then goes for a ride in a cab through NYC
"The Look of Love" Dusty Springfield 59 sec Frank meets Cheryl Anne (Jennifer Garner) in the hallway, and they kiss in his room.
"The Look of Love" Dusty Springfield
"Look After You" The Fray 32 sec David and Millie have sex at the hotel. They walk to the Coliseum.
"Over My Head (Cable Car)" The Fray Ben is listening to this song as he looks over EDI's files.
"Over My Head (Cable Car)" The Fray 21 sec Kirk and Molly are at the hockey game.
Look After You The Fray
Lucky Girl Black Summer Crush
Title Music (from "Jalsaghar") Ustad Vilayat Khan
This Time Tomorrow The Kinks
Title Music (from "Teen Kanya") Satyajit Ray
Charu's Theme (from "Charulata") Satyajit Ray
Title Music (from "Bombay Talkie") Shankarsinh Raghuwanshi and Jaikishan Daya
Montage (from "Baksa Badal") Satyajit Ray
Where Do You Go to (My Lovely) Peter Sarstedt
The Deserted Ballroom (from "Shakespeare Wallah") Satyajit Ray
Adult Beginners 2015 13 songs 2 days ago
Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 2015 16 songs 1 week ago
Monkey Kingdom 2015 5 songs 1 week ago
Unfriended 2015 6 songs 1 week ago
Home Sweet Hell 2015 18 songs 2 weeks ago
The Voices 2015 8 songs 2 weeks ago
Good Kill 2015 16 songs 2 weeks ago
The Longest Ride 2015 35 songs 2 weeks ago
Ex Machina 2015 7 songs 2 weeks ago
The Gunman 2015 4 songs 3 weeks ago
What is the song on the tarmac at the airport as they meet the Sheik? "10538 Overture" by ELO. I've added it in the list in the end credits, but it also plays briefly during this scene.
I desperately need to know the song that is mixed with I got your number... In scene Irving is talking about his love for Sydney. What do you mean mixed in? As far as I can tell it's only one song. There is no other song during that scene.
Hello! You are great with your work! What about times and descriptions on 7th episode? Thanks Tassos. I'll look to add the scene descriptions this week. I must have forgot this episode.
I desperately need to know the song that is mixed with I got your number... In scene Irving is talking about his love for Sydney. Ah yep, I hear it now. It's not a credited track so it must be an original piece by Danny Elfman. Try listening to the 'Irving Montage' song on the soundtrack. It's the only part of the score that got released.
What's the song that is playing at the drug dealers' house Rust and the bikers jack at the end of the episode? The song is "Clan in da Front" by Wu-Tang Clan.
Hello! You are great with your work! What about times and descriptions on 7th episode? Done
There's this one soft guitar song several times in the movie but a specific part i do remember it from was when Kate got saved and was unconcscious and Rusty had her in his arms and was crying. The song also goes into the next scene where Sam tells her dad that she knew he was having sex with that runner lady who was married. What song is that???? Yup, the song is called "Kate Rescued" by Mike Mogis & Nathaniel Walcot. It's part of the original score, so it's under the soundtrack tab.
does anyone know the song that plays in the Noah trailer? 1.21-2.07 Yup, the trailer song is called "New Beginning" by Audiomachine. I've just added it now so you should be able to listen to and download it in the Trailers tab.
At Townes van Zandt - Lungs's the antagonist..not protagonist..protagonists are Rust & Marty..antagonists are the bad men Oops, thanks.
there is a sad piano song, when rust and marty catch up about what they have been doing with their lives in the office while they unpack rust's investigation files, talk about not having girlfriends, etc, do you know the song? Yer, I know the song you're referring to, however I believe it's part of the score. The score is not yet released, the best I can do is tell you it was written by T-Bone Burnett.
Could We Cat Power 2 votes
Hate It Here Wilco 1 vote
Dreadlock Holiday 10CC 1 vote
Soak Up the Sun Sheryl Crow 2 votes
Yellow Coldplay 6 votes
1901 Phoenix 3 votes
Didn't I Darondo 2 votes
Come and Get Your Love Redbone 3 votes
Cherry Bomb The Runaways 2 votes
I Want You Back Jackson 5 1 vote

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