Jamie N Commons - List of Songs

Has 16 songs in the following movies and television shows

Skyscraper - Poster
First song in end credits.
Valor - Poster
Haskins takes out frustrations on a punching bag; Jimmy is informed he's more valuable alive; Jess opens up a prepaid phone; Madani thanks Gallo for trusting her.
The Blacklist: Redemption - Poster
Tom uses a copy of the comic he say in Scottie's office to decode the message, then rushes to Howard's hideout only to see him being taken away by Solomon.
Monster Trucks - Poster
Tripp makes some adjustments on the monster truck for Creech.
The Catch - Poster
Margot and Reggie observe Princess Zara and her guardian Qasim; Reggie approaches Qasim and suggests they go view a property; Ben uses a classic car to engage Princess Zara's interest, then tells her to take the car for a spin.
The Vampire Diaries - Poster
While driving, Damon asks Lily to text Elena to let her know they're coming.
Need For Speed - Poster
After DJ Monarch welcomes Tobey to the De Leon race.
Suits - Poster
Mike goes to Rachels to apologize. She tells him he can have advice or sex.
Teen Wolf - Poster
Lydia in her bedroom with a new guy
The Walking Dead - Poster
They drive back to the prison at the end of the episode. Music plays into end credits.