K.Flay - List of Songs

Has 46 songs in the following movies and television shows

Kung Fu - Poster
Althea rebuffs Chase's apologize and efforts to make him see her as a changed man with a few choice words her own; Dennis defends Althea; Chase informs Dennis of a still continued family connection between himself and Dennis family's company; Sebastian defends Althea, Dennis and Ryan when Chase sics his bodyguards on them.
The Suicide Squad - Poster
The Squad arrive at the La Gatita Amable. They have drinks and dance as they wait for The Thinker.
Legacies - Poster
The Werewolves pound Sebastian with balls during dodge ball; Sebastian thanks the Werewolves for a fun time much to Landom's surpise.
Like a Boss - Poster
Song from the trailer
Batwoman - Poster
Batwoman and Magpie fight.
Legacies - Poster
Josie finds Lizzie doing yoga in their room; Kaleb overhears Lizzie say she's open to anything.
Riverdale - Poster
After catching her trying to steal from La Bonne Nuit safe, Toni kisses Cheryl; Betty cheers on Archie; Archie takes on his final challenger.
Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina - Poster
Mrs. Wardell tells Sabrina the ladies of WICCA are making their voices heard; Roz and Susie hand out flyers regarding the missing books.
Assassination Nation - Poster
Song from the Assassination Nation trailer.
Good Girls - Poster
Beth zones out as hangs out with the other moms at the park; Annie cleans the bathroom at work when Boomer comes in; Boomer tells Annie he'll try to get her on the schedule more; Ruby works as a cashier at a dount shop.
Good Girls - Poster
Mary-Pat tells the girls they owe her 10k again the next month, shocking them.
The Royals - Poster
Robert arrives to find Simon having a wild sex party.
Riverdale - Poster
Archie warns Jughead the police are about to raid the Southside High just as the sheriff and mayor walk in.
Blood Drive - Poster
Julian demands his assistant apologize, then orders him to change the coordinates for Arthur and Grace's race to take them through Red River.
Sweet/Vicious - Poster
Barton adds Brady Teller's name to the Kappa Alpha Omega warning board, then Harris questions whether his plan will actually work.
xXx: Return Of Xander Cage - Poster
While Adele was looking out for the lion in the wild. Adele Wolff's introduction.
This Is the End - Poster
Song at the party as Jason talks with Kevin.