Grace Mitchell - List of Songs

Has 11 songs in the following movies and television shows

Legacies - Poster
Lizzie uses her telekinetic powers to smash dishes in the kitchen.
Life Sentence - Poster
Stella pulls Pippa aside to ask why she actually came to town, then comes to a realization when Pippa immediately recognizes Willam's name.
Riverdale - Poster
Betty returns to Jughead with her black wig on and warns Jughead about his naughtiness.
Search Party - Poster
Drew's neighbour plays this song and dances around the apartment. Continues as Keith and Dory start making out on the couch.
Beauty And The Beast - Poster
Vincent complains about quality of the fake ID that JT made for him.
Supergirl - Poster
Cat and Adam have dinner together before it ends abruptly.