Sun Heat - List of Songs

Has 9 songs in the following movies and television shows

Good Trouble - Poster
Alice arrives to find Sumi and Lindsay flirting then announces that she and Lindsay are going on tour together; Lindsay and Sumi both ask Alice about ask the other out.
How to Get Away With Murder - Poster
Gabriel hears that Annalise has meet someone on Sam's tapes; Michelle finds Solomon at a bar and meets his him; Asher finds out his sister is Lindsey; Tegan calls her wife, Cora; Bonnie and Nate argue over whether Tegan is lying to them; Annalise gets text from Robert when Gabriel arrives and confront her about manipulating Sam; Frank is dropped off on Bonnie doorstep.
Charmed - Poster
Parker explains to Maggie why he thinks his father gave him a demonic infection; Alistair rescues Charity as she's being taken to Tartarus.
Dynasty - Poster
Alexis has another psychic consultation; Claudia berates Hank for failing then says they're going to try things her way; Alexis is told about a future husband.