Hildegard Westerkamp - TV & Movie Placements

The following is the complete list of all 3 movies and tv shows that Hildegard Westerkamp have been heard or featured in.

  • Tueren der Wahrnehmung
    Blake walks back to his house while mumbling to himself. (0:13) Blake walks up the staircase and lies on his bed. (0:18) Blake points the shotgun at his sleeping roommates. (0:31) Blake crawls on the floor and falls asleep. (0:41) Blake is writing in his journal. (1:21) Blake walks back home at night and enters the shed.
  • Tueren der Wahrnehmung
    Eli enters the school building. You can hear sounds of bells, doors opening and closing and chattering in the background. (0:57) Michelle runs through the hallways and into the library.
  • Beneath the Forest Floor
    Michelle changes at the girls locker room as a group of girls make fun of her. (1:06) Benny walks around the hallways as students are running away from the gunmen.