Miss Eighty 6 - List of Songs

Has 10 songs in the following movies and television shows

American Reunion - Poster
Jim\'s dad is drunk as he talks to Stifler at the party.
The Lying Game - Poster
Sutton drives to her party; Justin & Laurel chat with Char, Mads & Thayer; Mads confronts Nisha; Justin apologizes to Ted for being suspicious of him; Ethan & Thayer talk about Sutton.
Something Borrowed - Poster
Darcy pulls up outside Rachel's house. This song is playing in her car.
Something Borrowed - Poster
Playing in the limo as Rachel and Darcy get out and go into Rachels house.
Vampires Suck - Poster
Edward says he's found someone as freaky as him, the weird blonde dances to this song briefly.
Flash Forward - Poster
Nicole drives up to the Benford house.
Fighting - Poster
5th song playing in the club..