UNSECRET & Neoni - List of Songs

Has 7 songs in the following movies and television shows

Naomi - Poster
As they return home Jennifer and Greg assure Naomi that everything is fine; Naomi thanks Jacob and Annabelle for helping her through the night; (flashback) Jennifer and Greg save Naomi from Commander Steel; Jacob hands Naomi the last undeveloped film roll to Naomi; Naomi revisits the events of the night as she develops the film; Naomi finds damning evidence against herself and her family as develops the film roll in search of aliens at her parents anniversary party.
Legacies - Poster
Cleo finds herself not so alone inside of Malivore before she sees a light inside of the darkness and heads towards it; Malivore awakes inside the Salvatore School gym, chained and shackled inside of a cage, Alaric, Hope and the Supersquad surround him, they demand their friends back.
How to Get Away With Murder - Poster
Annalise and Tegan attempt to find a clear timeline for Hannah's possible pregnancy; Bonnie tells Frank about Sam being a abuse victim then become romantic; Tegan orders a DNA test; Nate receives a phone call from Agent Lanford about Agent Pollack; Bonnie receives a call from Annalise then arrives at her home to discuss Sam and Hannah.
Nancy Drew - Poster
In a police interrogation room, Nancy sits in tears as she's question by the police about Owen's possible killer.
Motherland: Fort Salem - Poster
Raelle joins Tally and Abigail at the Beltane celebration; Tally gets advice on guys from Berryessa and Abigail.