Brain Tan - List of Songs

Has 17 songs in the following movies and television shows

The Magicians - Poster
Scene where Eliot is dancing alone and the door appears.
Killjoys - Poster
Johnny suggests they leave once they get Jaq back; Dutch gets a vision of her past when she kisses Johnny.
Riverdale - Poster
Veronica tells Jughead that her father plans to buy The Whyte Wyrm.
Lethal Weapon - Poster
Murtaugh interrupts Trish at work to inquire about the security video at the restaurant; Bowman informs Murtaugh he got the security video from the hostess.
Shadowhunters - Poster
At The Hunter's Moon, Luke tells Maia about the meeting with the Seelie then leaves, just as Simon arrives to ask Maia if she likes paddle boats.
Private Eyes - Poster
Matt and Angie question Kylie Larue, the owner of the blog Stitch Warrior, about where she got the picture of Sonia's dress.
Beyond - Poster
While shopping for clothes, Luke encourages Holden to introduce himself to a girl he noticed.
Stitchers - Poster
Camille tells Linus that she got all his stuff back, then stops him from kissing her so she can lock the van.
Pretty Little Liars - Poster
Emily makes a call to find Allison's whereabouts; the girls see Lorenzo on the news talking about Charlotte's death.
Scream: The TV Series - Poster
While slow dancing, Emma asks Kieran about the video of him with Nina.
The Vampire Diaries - Poster
Alaric finds Matt drinking outside, then Matt tells him he should take Jo and leave town.