Vangelis - List of Songs

Has 20 songs in the following movies and television shows

Legacies - Poster
Lizzie shows Josie and Hope around the witch wellness retreat then tells them about Andi; Josie and Hope remark on how cult-y the retreat sounds as she tells them about the levels and steps of the crystal path.
Blade Runner 2049 - Poster
Deckard approaches Stelline as K is lying on the stairs, bleeding to death from his injuries.
Stranger Things - Poster
The children tell everyone about 'The Upside Down'; [30] The kids are filling the sensory deprivation pool with water and salt
The Office - Poster
Music that is playing in Michaels ad.
Ugly Betty - Poster
Daniel & Alexis race each other to the printers.
The Holiday - Poster
Miles sings the score by Vangleis while holding the DVD.
Stranger Than Fiction - Poster
Harold wakes up in the morning and leaves Ana for work. A bus hits him as he tries to save a boy.
Madagascar - Poster
Alex and Marty run towards each other on the beach, then Alex chases Marty
Old School - Poster
Played when Frank does his floor routine.