The Moody Blues - List of Songs

Has 11 songs in the following movies and television shows

Killing Eve - Poster
Opening scene, Miko in his truck
Hounds of Love - Poster
Vicki has a quick drink at John and Eveyln’s house. Vicki starts feeling dizzy as she tries to leave the house before being cornered by John and Evelyn and chained to a bed in a room. John receives a blowjob from Evelyn.
Fringe - Poster
The power is restored to Walter's lab; repeats as the group watches Walter's video tape.
Dark Shadows - Poster
First song on the train during the opening credits. Victoria arrives in Colinsport.
Freaks and Geeks - Poster
Lindsay arrives at Nicks house. Playing on Nicks stereo. He says 'The Moody Blues are kinda wimpy'.
The Boat That Rocked - Poster
The Count gives one last message to their listeners. He says 'music will be the wonder of the world'
Life On Mars - Poster
Eve paints; Hunt & Chief have a drink; Eve tells Sam that Tony was more than a monster; the doll is projected onto Annie's bedroom.