Campfire - List of Songs

Has 11 songs in the following movies and television shows

Nancy Drew - Poster
Tom attempts to return to the base of the Icarus group to retrieve the piece of meteor rock only to be attacked by the Icarian ghosts.
All American - Poster
Layla apologizes to Spence and suggests they be friends; the Coach tells Spencer his transfer is being contested.
Cloak & Dagger - Poster
Father Delgado talks bout heroes; montage of Tyrone getting into a fight at school, Adina losing her temper at work and Tandy going to visit Mina.
Daredevil - Poster
The thief continues running down the street, then takes a girl hostage.
Deadpool - Poster
At a skateboard park, Wade informs Meghan that Jeremy will no longer be bothering her.