The Flaming Lips - List of Songs

Has 24 songs in the following movies and television shows

Legion - Poster
Thirteen Days Earlier - montage of Melanie spending time alone in her room; Syd pays Melanie a visit.
Big Little Lies - Poster
First song as Madeline dreams about being pushed off the cliff. Plays again as Madeline leaves the hospital after visiting Joseph.
Hindsight - Poster
Becca is asked to distribute flyers and to attend a rave; Becca proposes they uses viral marketing for the magazine.
Boyhood - Poster
Song plays from their Dads car when he drops the kids off to their mother.
Horns - Poster
Ig goes to Terry's house to confront him
Friday Night Lights - Poster
Devin tries to cheer up Landry; repeats during Crucifictorious band practice.
The Heartbreak Kid - Poster
Movie begins. Opening shots of San Francisco
50 First Dates - Poster
Sue tells Henry the story about Lucy and her Father. The song is playing in their truck before they crash, the pineapple flies out of the car.
Six Feet Under - Poster
Claire, having a smoke, asks David to stop videotaping her as she gets ready for her high school graduation.
Batman Forever - Poster
Nigma returns to his hideout where he is working on his next riddle.