Valerie Broussard - List of Songs

Has 23 songs in the following movies and television shows

Riverdale - Poster
Veronica and Reggie kiss in celebration of their next venture; Archie and Betty attempt a new start with one another with a kiss before moving upstairs to Archie's bedroom where they find a bomb under his bed; Hiram drives away from Riverdale as the Andrews house explodes.
The Resident - Poster
As Nic is wheeled into surgery for organ donation her hospital friends and family give her a grandstand; [flashbacks of momentous moments with Nic on how she impacted the lives her friends and family members].
The Good Doctor - Poster
Claire and Park check in on Billy; Claire compliments Asher and Ricky on their work with Billy then tells them about their weakness and strengths; Olivia and Jordan bring Braydon to Kenzie; Shaun gives Olivia and Jordan lists of their 'rights' and 'wrongs' that they did on Kenzie's case as a way to "cover their ass".
Nancy Drew - Poster
George and Nick research the de-cursing ritual, then are interrupted by Bess' arrival; Bess freaks out over news that Yo-Yo can't make it to Aunt Diana's party; Owen suggests Bess not take Lisbeth to the party.
Batwoman - Poster
Kate forgives her father, Jacob then promises that they will get Beth back; Sophie sees Kate and Jacob together and keeps Kate secert to herself.
Station 19 - Poster
The guys go out for drinks and express surprise at how much Sullivan has changed; Andy introduces Kat to Sullivan; Andy notices the news story about the train, then rushes home to check on Maya; Maya and Jack have sex in her shower.
Charmed - Poster
Harry tells Maggie she just created a spell.
Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina - Poster
Harvey, Roz and Susie contemplate the changes in Sabrina; Nick looks on as Sabrina walks the hallways of the magic school with the Weird Sisters.
Legacies - Poster
Series Premiere trailer #2.
Grey's Anatomy - Poster
Julius tells Alex that his mom will be happy he had the surgery; Jo and Link recognize each other; Maggie expresses regret over not telling Max that his mom is dying, then accidentally tells Meredith about Teddy's pregnancy.
Lucifer - Poster
Lucifer goes to Chloe's place to confess his feelings for her; Chloe finds Pierce at her door; Lucifer watches from outside as Pierce proposes to Lucifer.
Lucifer - Poster
Lucifer find Charlotte waiting for him in his apartment, then she walks up and kisses him.
Inhumans - Poster
Maximus' guards capture Medusa.
Pretty Little Liars - Poster
The ladies meet in The Radley lounge without Aria; Hanna asks if Mona seemed different when they saw her earlier.
Lucifer - Poster
Charlotte groans in pain after Chet stabs her; city overview.
Lucifer - Poster
202 'Liar, Liar, Slutty Dress on Fire' promo.
Lucifer - Poster
Lucifer finds Amenadiel hanging out at Lux and informs he about the case and it's connection to their mother.
Lucifer - Poster
Maze orders a coffee, then meets with Amenadiel and tells him about the psychiatrist Lucifer has been seeing.