WILDES - List of Songs

Has 21 songs in the following movies and television shows

The Resident - Poster
Montage as Nic's coworkers and friends attempt to save her and her unborn child's life in surgery from Nic's wounds as Conrad watches on from the gallery.
Good Trouble - Poster
Judge Wilson and Callie arrive Tate's apartment where Tate died to view his body; (flashback) Wilson gets the call that Tate has died; (flashback) Wilson and Tate fight.
The Good Doctor - Poster
Andrew tells Claire that Luca is gone as well as the drugs; Morgan comments on how Kerry is a real Wonder Woman; Neil tells Claire she shouldn't lose her trust in people just because one person let her down; Carly tells Shaun that she uncomfortable with living with Lea, he tells her that he'll move out and that he love's her.
Emergence - Poster
Ryan assures Jo that they'll find Piper; Jo searches on her computer, then consoles Mia.
Good Trouble - Poster
Stef drops some things off at Davia's room then they begin to talk about Dennis and getting him professional help.
Runaways - Poster
Chase holds Gert and assures her it will be okay; Old Lace escapes.
Suits - Poster
Harvey reads over Donna resignation letter; Donna leaves the building; Harvey hails a cab.
The Royals - Poster
Robert admits to treating Kathyrn poorly; "Why did you put me on the list?"
Reign - Poster
Claude and Luc are married; flower petals are tossed at the couple as they exit the chapel.
Good Behavior - Poster
Music after Letty sleeps with Sean. He leaves after telling her, she was better in his memory.
The Royals - Poster
"I could never forget the Pub Princess"; flashback to the darts bet.
Sweet/Vicious - Poster
Ophelia climbs in Jules' window, returns her money, then gives her a file on a potential target.
Scream: The TV Series - Poster
Emma arrives at The Grindhouse for her shift, then tells Eli she's mad at Kieran for talking to the Sheriff about her.
Scream: The TV Series - Poster
The students are finally released; Emma is questioned about her smashing the office window; Kieran apologizes to Emma for telling the Sheriff about Jake's phone; Audrey offers to replace Stavos' tablet; Noah pockets Audrey's phone; Brooke goes into the school pool and scream underwater.