Edith Piaf - List of Songs

Has 20 songs in the following movies and television shows

A Very British Scandal - Poster
After seeing a newspapers expose on Ian and Margaret's love affair, Louise discusses the two and the rumors surrounding Margaret with friend, Janet Kidd, who knows Margaret personally and attempts to convince her to divorce Ian.
Birds of Prey - Poster
Song from the official trailer
The Irishman - Poster
Frank and Russ talk at the bar about getting back into the casinos.
Preacher - Poster
Denis starts playing a record as Jessie and the others are waiting for The Grail to arrive; B.R.A.D. attacks a police officer.
Supernatural - Poster
1943, Nazi-occupied France, Gestapo headquarters - A Nazi makes arrangements to transport an artifact; Delphine asks for a peek at the artifact, then kills him; [0:56] repeats after Sam tells Dean what happened to the ship.
X-Men: First Class - Poster
This record is played as the Colonel discusses nukes and nuclear war below the party.
Inception - Poster
Used in different moments to synchronize the kick
The Bucket List - Poster
Edward and Carter take a trip to France and eat Cavier
The Bucket List - Poster
Playing whilst Edward and Carter have dinner in France
Fred Claus - Poster
Returning to North pole
Saving Private Ryan - Poster
The men prepare and wait for the German assault as Upham translates this song.
Saving Private Ryan - Poster
Ryan recounts a story about his brothers to Miller before the Germans arrive.