UNSECRET & Alaina Cross - List of Songs

Has 13 songs in the following movies and television shows

Roswell, New Mexico - Poster
Liz, Heath and Dallas find themselves held hostage by Sheriff Taylor under the control of Jones, who forces Dallas to continue to write down his fathers equation; armed with her mothers sword, Isobel takes on Jones in sword to sword combat; Michael taps into his own mind controlled powers and frees the sheriff from his fathers mind control saving the others; Isobel finds herself backed into a corner as Jones knocks her into the dinning room with the others during their fight; as Jones readies deal a death blow to Isobel, Max jumps in the way forcing Jones to stop and bringing a halt to the battle.
Batwoman - Poster
A disguised Alice goes after Dr. Ethan Campbell; the GCPD find Duela.
Charmed - Poster
Mel and Macy console Maggie over what happened with Parker; Harry thanks Abegail for her help, then she kisses him; Macy sees the kiss.
How to Get Away With Murder - Poster
Montage as Annalise takes her sorrows out at a nightclub with drinking and drug usage.
Light As A Feather - Poster
Trey realizes that Jennie took over McKenna's body, then tries to call Sammi; end credits.
Lucifer - Poster
Dan and Ella talk about feeling lost, then end up kissing.