Desi Valentine - List of Songs

Has 20 songs in the following movies and television shows

All Rise - Poster
after court crisis with man holding gun, Lola greets her friend Mark
Valor - Poster
Fort Dabney, GA - Jimmy takes a moment to pray, then he's united with Jess and his son; Haskins asks the Shadowraiders to take a moment of silence for those they lost; Porter welcomes Madani home; Thea tells Gallo she needs to speak with him, Madani and Coogan.
Valor - Poster
Madani and Gallo take out their frustrations with sledgehammers; montage of characters; Simone Porter takes a file out of her safe and burns it along with a snake eyes domino.
Valor - Poster
Gallo hugs Jess, then gives Max the flag badge off his uniform; Madani says goodbye to Jess and Max; Porter tells Madani her still cares for her.
Valor - Poster
Madani tells Porter she's feeling ill and needs to leave the party; Simone tries to introduce Porter to William Francis, but he brushes her off to follow Madani.
Lucifer - Poster
At Lux, Linda advises Maze to avoid setbacks just as Charlotte walks by; Linda suggests Maze is jealous of Lucifer's 'girlfriend'.
Suits - Poster
Louis proposes to tara, Jessica goes to Jeff's place and offers to go with him to Chicago. Harvey and Donna hold hands. Song plays till the end of the episode