The Doves - List of Songs

Has 13 songs in the following movies and television shows

Six Feet Under - Poster
Billy suggests Claire should move into his apartment.
The O.C. - Poster
Marissa, Ryan & Seth ride along the pier.
Scrubs - Poster
J.D. tells Cox he wants to be like him...only more successful. The scene dissolves into the summing up of the choices the characters had made.
Six Feet Under - Poster
In Claire's hearse, Parker tells her the chinese herbs she received from her Aunt Sarah are actually magic mushrooms.
Alias - Poster
Syd and Noah banter while translating the microchip. 
Roswell - Poster
Max & Michael meet Liz & Maria at the Crashdown.
Roswell - Poster
Michael & Maria take a 'huge step in alien relations'.
Roswell - Poster
Liz & Sean kiss in his car.