The Chordettes - List of Songs

Has 26 songs in the following movies and television shows

Euphoria - Poster
The intro song of the Love Island episodes Rue watched.
Supernatural - Poster
Cas tries to catch the attention of a housekeeper as she listens to music on her headphones; continues as Cas goes to the Harrington's Diner looking for Sam.
Riverdale - Poster
Betty's phones begins to ring with the Black Hood's ringtone; (repeats) [00:39] The Black Hood call's Betty again.
Deadpool - Poster
Montage of Wade being tortured as Ajax tries to get the serum to activate.
Haven - Poster
Audrey dreams of her wedding day.
Limitless - Poster
In the video, a clay representation of Brian is chopped into pieces.
The Little Death - Poster
Phil and Maureen are introduced. Phil attempts to have sex with her before work.
Sleepy Hollow - Poster
Abbie takes Crane to see a Shaman/ used car salesman.
House M.D. - Poster
Cuddy tries on clothers in front of her mom.
Nowhere Boy - Poster
Song as Julia and John walk along the boardwalk. Julia won\'t stop kissing him.
Mr. Nobody - Poster
Nemo is 5 years old. 2nd time: Nemo\'s mother wakes him up in the morning (Nemo\'s 9 years old at that time).
Whip It - Poster
1st song in end credits.
Friday Night Lights - Poster
Matt sings to his grandmother to calm her.
Stand By Me - Poster
Plays on the radio, continues as the kids walk on the train track. Vern and Teddy are talking about superman.